Our pets will often scratch at themselves the same as we do when we feel an itch. However, excessive scratching may indicate something more serious, such as an allergy. Allergies in pets can appear for a variety of reasons in pets, including food allergies, flea allergy, dermatitis, atopy, and contact allergens such as dust, pollen and grass. Classic indications of pet allergies include:

  • Constant scratching, chewing of the skin and licking
  • Hair loss and scaly skin
  • Body odor

The veterinarians at Columbia Animal Hospital attend continuing education lectures, some of which focus on dermatology. These classes help keep us up to date on new treatments. At Columbia Animal Hospital we can perform skin scrapings, ear cytologies, and skin cytologies. Medicated baths are provided at Columbia, to help with skin infections and dermatitis.

Regardless of the cause of itching to your pet, you can call 601-736-3041 to make an appointment at Columbia Animal Hospital.